How can i start using OKGateway as Seller?

You can start accepting crypto payments to sell your products.
Your balance will be credited with Bitcoin or Litecoin, but later you can exchange and withdraw.

What payment options can i accept?

You can set your own acceptable payment options while you create your product.
We have currently Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Bank wire options.
You can exchange your product sales and withdraw all as bitcoin or other option!


How OKGateway payments are done?

You will have multiple payment options to purchase your product.
We are calculating each option at current price, as like Bitcoin, Litecoin, or other.
We will generate new transaction for your order, once it's completed we will send the provider about your payment stats to verify instantly.

What if i was late to send payment?

You will have 60 minutes only to send crypto payment, however if it can takes up to 3 hours to confirm.
Once your payment is completed and confirmed, it will be verified and API request will be sent to product provider instantly.

What if i sent less amount?

You will have to send additional amount to cover the exact required amount of your payment during 60 minutes.